Late Summer - A Time Of Transition

This is a time of Environmental Transition. What does that mean to us? In harnessing and flowing within the energy field created at this time, we are given a Special Power, a Unique Force, that aids us in creating transitions in our very own life! Pretty fabulous, wouldn’t you say?

Never forget that we humans are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, which is this interesting world we live in. So what that means it is an excellent time to make small transitions to influence our overall health! Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and even in our Daily Routine, that will have major benefits for our health and well being!

I like to enter this period of transition by first, creating a list of what transitions I would like to make. Then, I consider which I can commit to making at this time, and finally I number them in the order of importance. I usually choose the top 1 to 3 depending on realistically assessing the involvement necessary and the time I can dedicate to each. Then I just go with the flow! Sounds easy…and it is! Because the energy of the season assists you, coddling you like a mama bear. Try it, and, as always, let me know how it works, by leaving me a comment, or better yet join the Late Summer Online Playshop and participate in the Q & A period at the end!

Many Hugs to Each of you,