The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

How it all started—My Curious Adventure into Chinese Medicine

      It all began over 30 years ago. At the time I was a fashion model living in Paris. As an American living and traveling in Europe, I thought my life was perfect. I had no idea what fantastic thing was about to unfold that would change the direction of my life forever.   

My dear friend Jacques is the world’s best travel companion. He is multi-lingual, exudes enthusiasm, gets along with absolutely everyone and appreciates life’s smallest treasure. So when he asked my daughter Mica and I to accompany him on a road trip to see our mutual friend Muriel we excitedly agreed.   

     Muriel is a talented actress. Her animated ways, great sense of humor, and loving nature made her a joy to be with. She had recently moved from Paris to be with Laurent, a man that had won her heart. We all where really missing Muriel and also very curious about the new man in her life and this village that she had moved to. So we happily made arrangements for the 3-hour drive from Paris.  

     It had been Mica and my experience that any road trip through France was a magical adventure. The trip to the village of Troo was indeed amazing. I still treasure the vivid image of the six-foot sunflowers that lazily nodded to us for miles as we went along a country road. We discovered a 12th century church that still was in use. Yes, the trip was living up to our expectations. There where breathtaking visuals of wonder and enchantment. However the true magic began after our arrival at Muriel’s home-or rather, her cave!   

     Troo is one of three villages where most of the townspeople live in caves. These cave-homes are dug into the surrounding mountains. Each cave is individual and unique. I cannot explain what it was like to live in a cave except that it was a wondrous feeling to live and sleep in the very womb of Mother Earth! And-what could be a more perfect setting for practicing Natural Medicine!  As it turned out, both Laurent and his brother, Silvan, were medical doctors.

     Laurent used Acupuncture in 90% of his practice, while Silvan specialized in Homeopathics. Silvan had a special gift using Homeopathies with children, whose pure bodies interacted so well with the natural homeopathic remedies. Silvan had four remarkably angelic children. And with each new addition, his wife and he would simply dig another bedroom into their cave.

     Shortly after we arrived, Laurent noticed that Jacques was having sinus congestion and offered him a treatment. Then a bizarre thing happened. Laurent asked if I would like to observe. This is bizarre because doctors do not invite people, let alone strangers, to observe a medical treatment. And as if his asking was not strange enough, I heard myself reply a very emphatic YES! Now that was quite odd because I had always been extremely squeamish. For me to accept an offer to enter into a treatment room to see a dear friend stuck with needles really and truly shocked me. I was even more surprised by what happened next!

     As Laurent began placing needles in specific places in Jacques body and face it seemed as though every pore in my body was screaming YES! I felt as though nothing I had ever seen before made such perfect sense. In that precious moment I knew, with out any doubt what so ever, that I would become an acupuncturist!

     That fateful day was the beginning of a long road I traveled to reach my goal. I cannot say it was without difficulties. But I can say that there was never, ever, a doubt that I would be an acupuncturist.  

     I studied and interned with Laurent in Vendome. I worked with other doctors in hospitals in Paris and Neilly. Two years latter when Mica and I returned to New York City I enrolled in a three-year school, Tri-State School for Traditional Acupuncture.

     I graduated from Tri-State in 1988, the year I also became certified as a National Diplomate in Acupuncture. I became the 256th Acupuncture Physician in the State of Florida in 1989. The following year I worked as an examiner for the National Board in Florida.

     Chinese Medical theory is based on the flow of energy. It teaches that everything is in constant movement and that only when we are out of balance is there stagnation. It is this lack of movement that leads to sickness. As practitioners, this knowledge keeps us open to change. Even though our roots are over 5,000 years old, we are always searching, studying, and growing our skills.

     I have traveled through America and Europe and have had the blessing to have worked, studied and interned with many gifted practitioners. I was privileged to study with the blind Toyohari acupuncturists the first time they left Japan. I spent over a year in Asia, seeking out indigenous healers. I have been in Taman Negara, a 30 million year old rainforest in Pahang, Malaysia. I was with traditional Bomoh (healers) in the Malaysian backwaters. I studied and worked with many healers in Thailand. I taught and lectured in India. I was invited to see doctors giving acupuncture treatments in The Tibetan Traditional Hospital in Lhasa, Tibet.

     For me, the wisdom of this ancient medicine I practice is always new, fresh and exciting!


Sachi has worked with thousands of clients and found each person to be unique, special and very individual. No two snowflakes are the same, nor are two sets of fingerprints, nor are any two people ... not even identical twins! But isn’t that precisely what makes life so fabulously interesting! It is because of this, that Sachi designs a unique counseling service to address each individual’s specific needs.