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W h o l e- i s t i c W i s d o m with S A C H I

Be Balanced. Be Healthy. Be Happy.


ancient wisdom. modern health.

F E A T U R I N G S A C H I ‘ S 5 S E A S O N S O N L I N E P L A Y S H O P S

More Sachi please.
— WORKSHOP participant


Spring Cleaning & Reset - Spring is the perfect season to recharge, rejuvenate, reevaluate and initiate new ideas.



Reap, Keep & Release! - Fall bestows the energy and the ability to help sort out what is working in your life and what is not. Join us to witness the majesty of fall....the transformation of the trees...and our lives!


Late Summer - or the grounding season that connects them all

Learn all about the ‘season’ in the CENTER - connecting to and with - ALL seasons perfect in-between-season tune-up!





Hot, Powerful and Heartfelt. SUMMER is about t living life in full bloom. Learn to harness the amazing energy of Summer and Live Life In Full Bloom!



Time for Hibernation and Germination. -This is powerful dream time. Come with us and learn how to turn your dreams into reality.




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About us

Sachi is a Primary Health Care Practitioner, Lecturer, and Counselor rooted in natural, holistic, spiritual care of the entire being, body/mind/emotion/spirit. She is Nationally Board Certified in Chinese Medicine, a Doctor of Oriental medicine, and an Acupuncture Physician.

Sachi believes that treating the whole person is the key to healing ailments, maintaining perfect health and preventing illness. That, and smiling everyday, being kind and laughing! It comes as no surprise that that the average patient comes to Sachi initially for acupuncture, yet they stay for so much more.  Empowering people, by giving them the knowledge needed to knowingly take command of their health, is the driving force that led Sachi to develop her custom, “Personalized Prescription” program for optimal health and joy-filled living.