Here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions Sachi gets asked.  Don't see your question?  Get in touch with Sachi! 

Sessions / Programs / Retreats / Workshops          

Will you see me as a new, private client for a consultation?

Yes! She also continues to partner with new clients committed to one of her 60 or 90-day Prescription Programs - what she considers to be the most effective way to fully heal, balance and maintain health and harmony within ones being.  Learn more on Program here.

Will you travel to my home for a consultation / session?

Maybe.  Sachi is always happy to help people achieve their health goals.  She will consider travel for long-term existing clients, and those currently enrolled in a Program, with time/travel expenses paid – inquire within to schedule.

Do I need to live in Miami Beach to enroll in a Program?

Hands-on treatments such as acupuncture, micro current or facials will require you to be Miami Beach. For many other program elements, is not necessary.  Inquire within to have Sachi travel to you.

Is there anything I need to do afterwards to keep myself balanced? 

Maybe. Sachi may make recommendations to maintain the level of harmony achieved in your being post-session and ensure maximum wellness. This could include herbs, tinctures, stretches and other lifestyle and seasonal support considerations.

Will you train me? I want to learn what you know and do what you do!

In some instances, yes!  In others, no. Sachi is a licensed, certified Oriental Physician. This she cannot train or license you in. To train in acupuncture, Chinese Medicine or to become an Acupuncture Physician, requires varying state oversight, regulations and requirements. Sachi is happy to make recommendations and provide referrals to exceptional schools, physicians and other practitioners. 

While Sachi can work with people to hone their skills, expand their wisdom in the whole-istic healing arts, she cannot however train someone to become exactly as she is – baby she was born that way!  However, the events/workshops she offers, coupled with SachiSays (wisdom-filled tips and picks on whole-istic health, wellness & seasonal support), are designed to impart the wisdom and experience she has gleamed over decades of training and successful work with countless individuals of all ages and all ailments all over the world.

If you’re interested in wisdom training, you can inquire within and she make special arrangements with you. You can also join Sachi’s mailing list to receive SachiSays (wisdom-filled tips and picks on whole-istic health, wellness & seasonal support) and event/training/workshop and other special announcements.

Can I get all the SachiSays in a book?

We’re working on it. Stay tuned, and sign-up to receive announcements. And thank you to everyone who has encouraged Sachi to do so.

Can you do a Talk / Workshop at my studio / home / company / office / organization?

Absolutely. Contact Sachi to schedule, program/topics of interest (she will make recommendations as well) and discuss pricing.

Do you take requests on workshop / event / retreat locations?

Yes!  Location requests don’t guarantee booking. However, if the sun moon and stars align, every attempt is made to accommodate requests.    

I missed a Destination Workshop / Retreat that I really wanted to attend; Will you offer the same Workshop/ Retreat again?

Stay tuned!  Her signature 4-Season-themed retreats won’t come around again until the season does again. However, Sachi is happy to deliver and teach the wisdom of the content privately upon request.  She also offers her signature 4-Season-themed Workshops online. Check out Services page to purchase. 

I eat vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/paleo. Will the Destination Retreat include options for me?

Healthy, delicious, varied options abound!  There will be options for every eating style, including breatharians. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my retreat?

Sachi recommends, if and as much as possible, to let people know that you’ll be taking this precious time for yourself, and that you’ll be unavailable for the duration of the retreat. Consider creating an “out-of- office” auto-reply in email and an extended absence greeting in voicemails. This creates more space for you to be present and adds peace and calm. Parents of school-aged children and other situations require connection of course; it’s just a recommendation if and as much as possible to empower you to retreat into yourself.

What should I bring for my retreat?

Besides yourself, comfortable clothes and your favorite journal to write in, an open mind, an open heart, and a smile.  You should also bring a yoga mat and a refillable water bottle if you have them.

Depending on location, you may need common sense things such as organic/natural sunscreen and insect repellent.

Do you take insurance?

Thankfully, today many insurance plans offer coverage for acupuncture treatment. Contact your insurance company directly to find out if your plan covers acupuncture, and whether there are any limits to the number of treatments covered. Acupuncture may also be covered if you sustained a workplace injury or were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Sachi no longer accepts insurance.  She does however provide payment plans for enrollment in 60 & 90-day Prescription Programs, as well as her retreats with payment due in accordance with payment policies.  Hardships happen - Inquire within for possible arrangements, micro current