Whether you join Sachi for a retreat / playshop or partner with her for acupuncture, personalized detox or custom wellness program, you're in exceptional, capable, LOVING hands.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

More Sachi please.
— Happy retreat participant
Thank you so much dear Sachi for the miracle! You saved me! I go into the new year as a new person.
— Julia B., Paris / LA
Taking a healthy dose of zen with a much needed deep tissue therapy treatment. In my humble opinion, best doctor of oriental therapy in the history of ever... Seriously, she is.
— acupuncture client
I came with my family with no expectation, I’m leaving with peace of mind. The class is informative, with detailed guidance and excellent instruction! Loved the meditation and yoga teaching.
— workshop participant
What would I do without my Sachi to heal my heart and body aches?
— Rochelle H., Miami & Paris
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She is the absolute best at making your pain go away. The very best acupuncture and deep tissue massage I have EVER had!
— acupuncture client
I was blown away when Sachi said she prayed for me in her morning meditation! When was the last time your doctor said she/he prayed at his/her alter for you? I am certain that this uniquely personalized care is a priceless connection that contributes to our healing!
— Deborah S., Miami
Your spirit and inspiration lives with me everyday.
— Gippetto, Chang Mai, Thailand
Your joy and enthusiasm for life are contagious.
— Pat Philips, NYC

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Spring Cleaning Workshop

“The thought of learning how to detox the body has appealed to me for several years. This was the opportunity. I absolutely got what I came for. SACHI IS INSPIRATIONAL!!!”

“I received some very practical techniques for my healing and purification. The time was right, and the subject was valuable! The whole Program was well administered, the accommodations were comfortable, and Hatha Yoga Classes were great - I am a long-time practitioner and even the level one sessions were well done.

Spring Cleaning - Body, Mind, Soul

Exceeded my expectations! Sachi was informative and presented information in a very fun way. Info presented was quite high level - components of Chinese Medicine left me wanting to know more. I got a great start on ideas on how to cleanse my body and really valued learning remedies to clear the body and how important it is to do so.”

Cleansing Program

The program exceeded my expectations and I got what I came for - Sachi helped me shift my current path of "doing too much." I loved Sachi's stories and exuberance. The program was well administered, accommodations and environment perfect, and I am interested in another workshop / retreat.

Cleansing Body Mind & Spirit Retreat

The program put me on the right track re: "fasting", making me confidant that it is safe, and a very good way to cleanse the body, and therefore the mind. I learned how to safely and smartly fast, and can now teach my yoga students. Everything was perfect, the food, accommodations, environment and you! I'm very pleased, as always!


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Sachi's favorite "quote" was from her Dad who was a big strong man who suffered from complications of work related illnesses. He said,

You might be slight in form, but when I lean on you you feel like a full back to me!
— Sachi's father, Ventnor, N.J.

Uniquely Sachi

"Only you could notice the one flower growing out of a stone garden and get a kick out of it, as you always saw the beauty in things."

“The world would be a scary place for me without Sachi in it!"  - Heather M.

"You've helped so many people with your dedication to your work ..."

“Your personality is one of a kind...your way of loving your friends and taking the time to express always get always enjoy things that others don't even see ..."

“In this crazy world I feel safe knowing you are here. Thank you Sachi" - Vincente C.

"There's only one SACHI...a rare bird...unique..loving...beautiful inside and out..and full of fun and laughter but also with the feeling for the serious side of life as well."

"You always cherish moments in life that few get or take the time to are always searching for something beautiful or exciting. ...the next adventure...or just something small.."

"Sachi ... You are a free flowing and loving spirit dedicated to enriching the lives of others through the healing of mind, body and spirit using Chinese Medicine and the teachings of Sri Satchidananda. Your joy and enthusiasm for life are contagious. You are an example of how diet, exercise and mindfulness can be used to build the body and preserve vitality. You are a blessing to all who know you as you selflessly share your love, clarity of character and insights with those around you." -- Richard Sambor, FL

"... someone who always marched to her own every way...a fascinating person...with her own mind..a real wonderful character that I love and adore and consider so very precious to me."r