5 Seasons Online Playshops

In Chinese medicine, each year is divided into FIVE seasons—spring, summer, autumn, winter, AND the one that connects them all in the CENTER. Just as different seasons call for different forms of care, so do the different seasons of our lives.

Each of the five seasons or phases corresponds to a natural element - water, wood, fire, earth and metal, and each of these elements have their own qualities in nature that can be cultivated in us as human beings. The law of the five elements is based upon the cosmic cycle of birth, growth, harvest, death and renewal.

There are 5 Seasons?! Sachi says, “Yes, 5.”


The 5 Season’s Online Playshop Series was created to bring the ancient wisdom of the Oriental Five Element Philosophy to as many people as possible. Each season has a specific energy and a special spiritual capacity that it offers us, so working with - and within - the energy of the seasons enables us to create and cultivate health and balance. In this online series, Sachi teaches us how to best harness the energy inherent in each season, the importance of living in mindfulness, and empowers you with all you need to know to live in health and harmony with yourselves and others in every season.

In the Oriental Five Element system there are correlations to body organs, emotions, colors, sounds, and smells that relate to each season. Each online playshop includes an overview of:

  • ancient wisdom and modern health

  • what each seasonal energy gifts you with

  • how to use seasonal energy as an aid in achieving overall balance

  • overview of the concepts /element of the season

  • body organs & practices that strengthen them

  • appropriate food / herbs to eat

  • fun yet informational techniques and visualizations

  • time for questions and answers

Eastern philosophy sees the individual as being a microcosm of the macrocosm. This means that each of us is a part of the greater whole. Understanding this concept opens our awareness not only to the seasons, but to how we are connected to nature, the environment, and everything and everyone. This brings a more loving, respectful and spiritual aspect into our lives. Living the concept can bring greater health and harmony into your life.

The 5 Season’s Playshop Series was created out of the recognition that life presents each of us with a labyrinth. Sachi’s intention is to pass on the knowledge and insights she has gained so that each person finds their own unique path. This enables you to live in health and harmony with yourselves and others in every season, throughout your life’s journey.


Late Summer

The “5th” Grounding Season that connects them ALL

This very short, but very powerful season begins in late August and goes through Autumn Equinox. In Chinese Medicine it is called “Late Summer” but that can be a bit misleading, because REALLY, it’s the ‘season’ in the CENTER - connecting to and with - ALL seasons! So, what IS this Season referred to as Late Summer? To gain an understanding, first recognize it is the Earth Element, is is a unique transitioning point of the Yang energy into Yin. We say “Mother Earth” because the Earth is our source of “Nourishment and Sustenance” and our “Home” in a very real way. Everything stems from Earth. It is where we we plant our roots from which our strength grows. If we are well rooted in Earth, we feel at home in all situations. So besides treating Late summer when needed, it makes perfect sense (in Chinese thought) for practitioners to use the Late Summer season as the perfect in-between-season tune-up!



Spring Cleaning & Reset

Spring is the perfect season to recharge, rejuvenate, reevaluate and initiate new ideas. It is no accident that we feel with a strong desire to clean house in the spring. Although perhaps not as conscious, that urge also calls us to clean our other house, and cleanse all levels of body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Join Sachi for all the information, inspiration, techniques and support you need to do your INTERNAL Spring Cleaning, and renew and THRIVE on all levels during this season.


Live Life In Full Bloom

Summer is joy, carefree-ness and abundance personified. It’s HOT and sunny. We experience longer light and marvel at all the glorious, fresh, ripe fruits, vegetables and flowers in gardens, with a wondrous array of smells, colors and tastes … truly, the fruits of our labor come to life! Discover how to harness the amazing energy of Summer within your being, and live in full bloom!


Harvesting Your Fall Energy

Fall is a time of harvest and when we sow seeds of change. There is a deep, contemplative energy that fall bestows upon us. It’s time to pull on our most comfy sweater, and walk in the woods to reflect. From this perspective, we can recognize what we have done and who we have become. Fall's gift is the clarity to decide what to keep, what to release, and what changes we want to make. On every level, fall is about is the art of taking in and letting go. Learn how to harvest the energy of fall within your being.


Winter’s Inner Journey Winter’s energy is of hibernation and germination. In the stillness of winter, we find silence that surrounds the answers we seek. Despite the colder weather, Winter supplies us with fertile ground in which to solidify our dreams. Learn how maximize this energy, recognize and realize dreams, and
everything you need to know to nurture yourself during the inward, colder, darker, months of winter.