ENEMAS, A great way to DETOX!

I always get a lot of groans when I talk about enemas. For sure no one is ever excited to learn about them! None the less I continue to tell people about their great benefits. In many other countries, and even in America 50 years ago, enemas where considered a valuable treatment for a vast variety of ailments.

Even if you eat well and are having daily bowel movements, that does not insure that you are effectively eliminating all the waste from your bowels. Considering what we eat, and what toxins we are exposed to in our foods, it is little wonder that incomplete waste elimination in the bowels become encrusted and impacted with fecal matter. This damages the integrity of the bowel walls, creating diverticulitis, which allows the waste to pass through the intestinal wall and circulate in our bodies. Surely not a very clean or healthy picture! But here’s where enemas come to our rescue! They can assist in clearing this build-up of waste. If your still not sold, let me say that combining massage, or ball rolling and enemas, you may just be able to release that stubborn “Belly Bulge” you have not been able to diet away!

Get your enema on, it's easy! Here's how:

  • Purchase a rubber enemas bag in the drugstore.

  • Use only filtered water (and NO, the ones that come in a refrigerator don’t count as filtered in my book) you can use filtered or distilled water, heated to body temperature. Clip the “Water Flow on the Hose” and fill the bag.

  • Hang the bag in the tub or shower about 3 feet above your head.

  • Lubricate the rectal tube for easier insertion. I recommend coconut oil. Some prefer a thicker substance like a lube or Vaseline, but beware thicker lubricants often clog the opening of the rectal tube.

  • Unclip a second to release any air bubbles, clip and insert into the rectum, then unclip, allowing the water to flow into your body. ATTENTION: During an enema it is normal to feel water-filled bloating and distention and possibly even mild discomfort. You may even need to go to the bathroom, like RIGHT NOW, before emptying the entire enema bag. So it may take a few "refill" times to empty the whole bag.  Remember that you may still be carrying some mental and emotional negatives from your "potty training" years. Be patient with yourself, clip and gently breath in-between flows. Finish the bag, always re-lubricating each time you insert the tube.

  • Doing a belly massage or rolling on a ball while you retain fluid in the enema bag (full or even partially filled) really does help to break up and release any encrusted old feces (Yea, gross I know, but true!)

  • It is super important to always recolonize your intestines by taking a good quality multi-probiotic (by mouth) after a colonic! I also take daily ones.  

Detoxing with self-enemas strongly supports your body by helping the colon with it's exhausting job of eliminating toxins.  As your body gets used to enemas, it will signify you when it is in need of help, such as in after times of overindulgence. 

For beginners or masters, you simply cannot go wrong by doing an enema during the change of seasons, or when you have the extra time and would like to "flush yourself out". 

You will feel so much lighter, better, cleaner and even mentally clearer after an enema, that they become a beautiful way of showing your love for this "vehicle-body" that sustains and supports you.

Enemas Are The Epitome of Self-Love