WINTER - The Ultimate Inner Journey

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter, everywhere you go ... While wintertime brings a host of unique gifts and energies, hibernation is a central theme. For many, this means the advent of hibernation from the cold - more time spent indoors. Just as nature calls many of its creatures into hibernation, our inner nature also calls us inward during winter - into seeing ourselves more deeply. This important practice can be a challenge during the holiday season with a flurry of not just snow, but activities like shopping, decorating, baking, parties and general merriment. Worse, for some, the season brings unwanted stress and overeating - not good for our health and bodies. In Chinese Medicine, this is the time of year when it is critical we create a sacred space inside our home AND inside our body to maintain harmony and balance. It's the time of year when we can harness and utilize the powerful energy of Winter to create our dreams!

Have you ever seen the movements of Tai Chi Masters? So gentle and fluid and yet so incredibly powerful. They symbolize the Movement and Magic of Water, the Element of Winter. The Water Element is considered the most powerful element of all. Join me in my online Winter Playshop on Thursday, Dec 20 from 7-8 pm EST to learn why, and how to harness and utilize the powerful energy of Winter for optimal health in spirit, mind and body.  

I think that the following quote from the TAO CHENG, which was written in the 11th Century A.D., explains the power of the water element perfectly ...

“Water extinguishes Fire, or finding itself likely to be defeated escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft Earth, or when confronted with rocks, seeks a way round. Water corrodes metal till it crumbles to dust: it saturates the atmosphere so that wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility, for no power can prevent it following its destined course to the sea. Water conquers by yielding: it never attacks but wins the battle. The sage who makes himself as water is distinguished for his humility. He embraces passivity, acts from non action and conquers the world.”

Dr. Sachichinese medicine, winter