Let Go ... the Power of Fall


The energy of fall is like a quiet and slow flowing stream that sweeps you effortlessly into it’s cuddling current.

Yet it has the profound energy of gifting you with the ability to review your life and to know what to reap and keep, and what to release. This is the power of Fall!

In the Fall the trees “let go” of their leaves and allow the sap to sink downwards into their roots in preparation for winter. It is that magical transitional time between the most Yang time of year, Summer, and the most Yin time of year, Winter.

The leaves give a huge display of outrageous colors to delight the eyes and yet the sounds begin to quiet, like the soft hush of the FALLing leaves. Just like those tumbling leaves, we are swept into that energy of releasing what no longer serves us, and to begin to search for what does - and what will!

We have this desire to pull on our comfy sweater and take walks, and review, and think. To sit by a window with a cup of tea and quietly daydream. We have been swept into Falls energy stream!

On January, first we often make resolutions for the New Year, but during December and leading into New Year’s Eve, there is little time to ponder what to keep and what to release. Instead we are caught up in the hustle and bustle between the varied holidays, the festivities of gift giving and shopping and parties. The New Year’s resolutions we make are often unsubstantial and unfocused, such as “I will eat better and exercise each day.” Unfortunately, they most often dwindle away. But by harnessing the energy of Fall we actually lay the necessary groundwork for those “New Year’s” resolutions. This is because it is truly during the Fall that we look deeply into our lives and see what works for us, and what does not. To know where we are now, and where we want to go. Who we want to transition into becoming.

Each season has it’s own unique energy, and if you allow it’s energy to assist you, it is as though you are in the flow, rather than fighting against the current to go upstream. Obviously it is a lot easier to go with the seasonal flow than fighting against it.

Learning how to harness the energy of each season, and the ancient concepts that govern each one, is a real game changer!


If you want to learn more about harnessing Fall’s energy please sign up for my Fall play-shop. You will not only learn more about Fall, but also about the Metal Element, which is a part of this Fall Energy, and exercises to benefit the lungs (we breath in air) and the Large Intestine (we release what is no longer needed).

I have a lot to share with you about this amazing FALL season!

With much love, Sachi