Everyone wants to be happy, handsome, beautiful, in good health, oh, and to be rich also! I can’t help you on that last part, but acupuncture CAN help you with everything else! Yep! You read that right. Excluding acupuncture, there is absolutely no other cosmetic procedure that can claim to accomplish all of that!

What’s the secret? In acupuncture we work on the entire complex human being that is on our table! Not just a stomach that we are going to place a machine into to suck out fat! Or just a face that we are going to either inject with toxic substances or cut and scrape and sew. NO! this is a whole person, and will be treated as such. Of course an acupuncture treatment focused on a cosmetic aspect of the face is going to be very different then one focused on a sprained ankle! But we are still working on the whole person. We will not be injecting any toxic substances that will infiltrate the entire body! We most certainly will be re-moving blockages, moving chi (energy) through the channels of the body, balancing the yin and yang, relaxing the body/mind/spirit/soul and working on healing whatever that individual came to us for.

The amazing side effect that everyone remarks on after any acupuncture session is how relaxed they feel after a treatment. That’s because unlike those large filiform needles used by doctors to withdraw our blood or for putting a substance into our bodies, acupuncture needles are small and super, super thin and they begin working immediately to relax our bodies and our minds. They do this by decreasing stress hormones and stimulating endorphin and dopamine release!*1) And let’s face it, with needles in you, you simply have no choice but to lay there! In a really meditative state! Forced chill, if you will!

O.K. So....

1) What does an acupuncture facial actually do?

2) What is the procedure?

3) And does it work?

3) Let’s answer that last question first...... YES! It Does Work!

It does not have the drastic effect of a “cutting, scrapping and sewing” of a surgical face lift however- but neither does it have the damaging short and long term effects either. Nor the scars! Nor the expense! Nor any down time.

But it really does make a noticeable difference for sure. I have NEVER had anyone who did not see that effect and was not happy with the results! Not one single time! The real perk is the more frequently you do it the more it works!

1) The procedure can be done by needling only. In addition to the needling a micro-current machine may be used, or/and guasha or/and cupping. I personally like to do all four in one session!

Needling allows us to directly target the specific areas a person needs. Needling stimulates fibroblasts! These fibroblasts are responsible for making collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), all of which contribute to skin firmness and plumpness. This is done in a gentle way with acupuncture.

Unfortunately however, in the “non-acupuncture’ world this fibroblast stimulation is done in an extremely invasive way by utilizing ablative therapies, such as IPL, chemical peels, fraxels, and lasers. These can actually cause a thinning of the epidermis and loss of both dermal papillae and skin hydration thereby causing repercussions latter on. How? The dermal papillae serves as a cushion between the epidermis and dermis giving those layers increased strength. It also exchanges oxygen, nutrients, and waste. Obviously this is not something you want to weaken! *2). This is not the information you are clearly given when you undergo such ablative treatments- but what do you think is actually happening during such an invasive treatment? And why do you think you need so much recovery time? Acupuncture, on the other (healthier) hand revitalizes the skin and makes it more resilient and stronger as opposed to weakening it.

An Acupuncture Facial treats the whole person. Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage Stimulates the production of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans. Retrains the facial muscles. De-stresses the individual. Has absolutely no down time.

For anyone who wants to be healthy, de-stressed, happy and look as good as possible.....ACUPUNCTURE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!!!!


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