Herbal Consultation Treatment

Herbal Consultation Treatment


Facing a health challenge? Whether you seek a remedy for a specific ailment or just want to be in optimal health, an herbal consultation can be a GREAT form of preventive or corrective care, ensuring you stay healthy.

Using Eastern, and Western Herbs, Homeopathics, and Health Supplements, Sachi will provide you with ALL you need to maintain optimal health!

In person and by phone. Great consultation to do quarterly!

Every culture’s first form of medicine was herbal. People have naturally sought help in healing through plants. Plants are foods. Our body knows what to do with foods. However chemicals are foreign to our body. They present a challenge to our biological system. Sachi believes that is one of the major reasons that there are so many negative side effects from pharmaceutical drugs.

Every year many thousands of people die from the side effects of correctly prescribed drugs! Chemicals should be used only if other, gentler methods fail. Often however it is the other way around. People also come to Sachi after taking chemicals or/ and having invasive treatments. This is so unfortunate since it is always harder to help a person heal not only from their illness but from the problems brought about by other treatments and chemical side effects, but it IS possible.

God has been very generous in giving us an infinite amount of healing plants. There are many categories of plants, such as antiviral and anti parasitic. Besides this general category each plant has it’s own energetic. Humans also have our own unique energetic system. How a particular plant’s energy works with ours is part of the healing quotient.

Over the years Sachi has worked on just about every type of illness. It has been her honor to have taught Chinese patent remedies for The Oriental medical Association. Sachi has appeared on radio health shows to discuss healing with herbs as well as given lectures.

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