Special SIX 90-Min. Non-surgical Facelifts

Special SIX 90-Min. Non-surgical Facelifts


What could be better than spending 90 minutes to achieve The Most Effective All Natural Face Lift and the ALL natural way to look younger? Saving money while doing it! Save over $100 when you purchase this 6-pack.

Soften or erase lines. Lift eyes and neck. Remove old surface cells. This works equally well for men and women!

The Micro-Current facial leaves you looking younger and feeling better - We treat the WHOLE person. This modern technology works on the very ancient principles of Chinese medicine. The results are not due to magic but to the very real benefits brought about by increasing circulation, oxygen and blood flow to the skin surface. Toxins and waste which get lodged in the tissues, as well as blockages of energy, are released. The result is a pronounced lessening of wrinkles, healthy skin and refined pores.

What can you expect from a Micro-Current facial?

  • Erase Light Lines

  • Lessen Wrinkles & Frown Lines

  • Minimize Jowls

  • Lift Eyelids

  • Lift Jaw Line

  • Reduce Puffiness, (under eyes and at jaw line)

  • Shrink Pores

  • Tone & Tighten Skin

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How is this done?
By utilizing double probes to administer a micro-current. The frequencies and intensities are adjustable according to the needs of the individual. Different techniques are used for various problems.

Many benefits are derived from this all natural face treatment. Circulation is stimulated. Blood flow is increased. Oxygen and nutrients are brought to the skin and face muscles. The discharge of toxins is increased. Surface dead cells are removed. Blocked energy is released. Stuck waste deposits are broken down so the body can absorb and eliminate them.

Why do we wrinkle?
As we age the metabolism slows down. Some of the obvious signs of this are, weight gain, less firm skin and muscle tone, a decrease in bowel activity, less energy, and becoming more easily fatigued. Some of the less obvious signs are slower cell reproduction and lowered organ and cell efficiency. This is because the cell membranes have a transfer system that age (and sickness) adversely effect.

What does the Micro-Current do?
Introducing these healthy, low currents assists the body in working more effectively. More nutrients and oxygen are thus able to enter the cell while more metabolic waste is able to be excreted. Stimulation with the Micro-current revs up the metabolism and the autonomic system. This increases circulation and energy movement throughout the body. Simultaneously it quiets the sympathetic system which lowers our stress level.

What is Micro-Current?
All living creatures, humans, animals and plants, are electromagnetic in nature and we exist within an electromagnetic system. Very minute electric currents and very low strength magnetic fields have profound biological effects on living tissue. However exceedingly high electromagnetic fields can be damaging.

Most electro-current machines are typically TENS units that are used for pain control. They work because they override the bodies natural electrical currents. Micro current is, as it’s name implies, an extremely mild current, actually one millionth of an amp. This is similar to the bodies natural electrical system. Because of this it resonates with the body.

What can you expect from a Micro-Current facial?
A Glowing, More Rested, Younger Looking You!! Give it a try and see why looking good equates to feeling good! This works equally well for men and women!