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DETOX - Everything you wanted to know. Well almost.


Liver, heavy metals, inflammation and bloat, oh my! Think your liver kidney, digestive system and colon are functioning optimally? How would you know? Join Sachi online from where ever you are in the world in the comfort of your home (you can even wear your PAJAMAS! Sachi will be dressed) You’ll learn all about DETOXING, the importance of it, WHY you detox - WHEN to detox - WHAT to detox, and most importantly, HOW to detox.

Sachi has been a trusted detox guide for many for decades. Her background and experience in health, wellness, nutrition and detoxing makes ALL the difference! In the power-packed hour, Sachi will cover:

  • The Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney & Urinary Bladder: How They Work & How to Care for & Detoxify Them

  • Methods to Clear & Calm the Mind, Spirit & Soul

  • How to Cleanse EVERY Part of the Entire Body

  • How to Optimize Intestinal Functioning

  • Foods that are HEALTHY and those that are NOT

  • ALL aspects of doing a Healthy Fast

  • Three Powerful Breathing Techniques


SPRING Online Playshop
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