1st Session Acupuncture - Private Consultation

1st Session Acupuncture - Private Consultation


1st session: 2 hours / $240

Follow ups 1 hour / $120

A first time visit for acupuncture begins with an extensive medical uptake. During this time your health history, and that of your family is noted. Former illnesses and issues are reviewed, and you are encouraged to discuss your ailments and any other matters you would like to express. Both Eastern and Western diagnostic techniques are used in Sachi’s evaluations. After a discussion a treatment is given. Herbs, exercises, or health aids may be prescribed to assist the healing process. This visit typically lasts 2 hours. Follow-up treatments are 1 hour at $120.

In Chinese Medicine we treat the person, not the ailment. We see each patient as a unique phenomenon. Several people may have the same disorder and yet each of them may receive different treatments. Therefore the type of treatment, as well as the amount of treatments necessary, will depend on the general health of the patient, the complexity of the ailment, and the length of time the patient has had the problem.

Acupuncture is deeply relaxing. By placing needles in the acupuncture points, the bodies electrical energy system is tapped into. This effects the entire body, even the internal organs. You will feel this and experience a sense of harmony and well being as the free flow of energy moves through the body unobstructed. Patients always remark about this relaxed state and about the peaceful night's sleep they enjoy after a treatment.

Sachi uses very fine Japanese disposable needles. Americans usually equate all needles with hypodermic needles. Hypodermic needles are used to take blood out or inject something into the body. To do this they must be quite large. They bare no resemblance to the hair fine, bend-able needles used in acupuncture.

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