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LATE SUMMER / The BRIDGING SEASON: 5 Seasons Online Series

LATE SUMMER? Yup! Also known as the bridging season or “Indian Summer ,” Late Summer is the 5th Season Sachi always talks about. Learn how to harness the amazing energy of LATE Summer within your being to become your best, most balanced, self!

Open up the windows, and settle in for this FUN, informative 60-minute Playshop with Sachi. Late Summer is the season of transformation. It’s a transitional time to become your most balanced self. Join Sachi to learn all you need to know to live in balance and thrive during this important bridging season.

Sachi will cover:

  • what Late Summer energy gifts you with and how to harness it's unique energy

  • overview of the concepts /element of the season

  • ancient wisdom and modern health

  • body organs & practices that strengthen them

  • appropriate food / herbs to eat

  • fun yet informational techniques and visualizations

  • time for questions and answers


LATE SUMMER Online Playshop
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Earlier Event: June 19
SUMMER: 5 Seasons Online Series